At Bija, we start from the belief that to make an impact we have to see the whole picture. Children’s programs should be a hands-on, exploratory, joyful and creative experience that spark a lifelong interest in learning.



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Preschool is almost here!

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"I love painting. Did you know some parts are squishy?" #bijakids #bijaART #paint #backtoschool



Bija Playgroup for 0-3 Year Olds

Play, Socialize, and Move Starting this September with Flexible sign up options.
open house

Open House Every Second Saturday

Come meet teachers, see our classrooms and find out what Bija is all about. Bring the whole family!
Open House Every Second Saturday

New Afternoons at Bija!

Ages 3-5, enrollment open for 2014 - 2015 school year
New Afternoons at Bija!

Rolling Registration

For 2-4 year olds with a flexible Monday-Friday schedule
Bija Preschool

What matters most in a preschool program? What experiences do you remember 20 or 30 years later? Building with blocks. Singing songs in a circle. Dipping hands in paint. Creating a blueprint for life and learning.See More


Cooking Parties

Enjoy getting your hands dirty with a Bija cooking instructor!
Cooking Parties

Guests will wash, prep, blend, mix and enjoy a delicious dish and bring something home to bake in the oven!See More


Meet Juliana

Find out why Juliana is passionate about Bija
Meet Juliana!

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